Avon Walk 2001

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Day 1

More photos to come - Check back soon!

October, 2001

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Jan MVC-822F.JPG (93754 bytes) Lunch MVC-823F.JPG (60146 bytes) Lunch MVC-824F.JPG (81479 bytes) Lunch MVC-825F.JPG (81618 bytes)
Those are Jan and my bikes behind her. Somewhere @ lunch And eat anywhere... As well as entertaining!
Lunch w Melanie MVC-826F.JPG (69441 bytes)
Pit 1 MVC-827F.JPG (78516 bytes) Pit 1 MVC-828F.JPG (79080 bytes) Pit 1 MVC-829F.JPG (69714 bytes)
Lunch w Melanie And speaking of entertainment... Another angel Walkers are happy after a good break
Pit 3 MVC-838F.JPG (84580 bytes) WoodStop 2 MVC-836F.JPG (84624 bytes) WoodStop 2 MVC-837F.JPG (95646 bytes)  
Have I had this bike since the 60's? WoodStop at first pit What a great group!  
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