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Remembering the 3-Day...
From 3-Day Walker Debbie Bremner
(Brentwood Babes)

Imagine If....
You packed all your stuff into one suitcase.
You stood in 58 lines.
You ate so much you gained 4 pounds.
You couldn't wait to use the next porta potty.
You couldn't wait to eat a sandwich full of mayo.
After walking 20 miles you wanted to walk more...to your tent.
You HAD to have candy- at 8:00 AM.
You begged for happy face stickers.
You had to wear 5 bandaids at one time, on one foot.
Mardi gras beads were a necessary fashion accessory.
You were famous and waved to strangers.
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts were part of your fitness regimen.
You dragged your suitcase through dirt for a mile.
You got to wake up at 5 AM, to exercise.

Now Imagine If....
You raised more than 2,000 for a worthy cause.
You made a new friend, or maybe 20.
You experienced a weekend of kindness.
You were hugged by strangers standing on the side of the road.
Someone let you go in front of them in the potty line.
You laughed all day.
You shared special thoughts with a new friend.
You cheered on strangers.
You sang out loud with your friends.
You applauded as strangers did karaoke on stage.
Someone rubbed your feet or back.
You cried for hours.
You were high-fived by 1000 strangers.
You helped put an end to breast cancer.
You danced on stage.
You kept walking even when your feet hurt.
You touched the heart of a stranger.
Little children gave you gifts.
You survived breast cancer.
You cried so hard your eyes were puffy the next day.
You missed your new friends.
You wanted to do it all again the next year.
You walked 60 miles.

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Three Day!

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Tom inspires us

Great feet

Joey for Jugs

Moto Crew Bill & niece

Walkers for Knockers

Andrew & Barbara Jo

Final Four (Day 1)

Sweep Van

Yeah Amanda!!

Moto Crew (Doug P not shown)

The WALKERS are awesome!!