The Better Bow

You only think you know how to tie your shows.  The better bow unties with a simple tug, just like to soon-to-be outdated model you have on your shoes right now.  But the difference is - it doesn't jiggle loose!  Learn it and you'll never go back, I promise.

As the illustrations show, there's only one crucial difference between this knot and the old style.  Instead of taking a single turn around the middle of the loops, you'll take two.  Be sure to wrap both these turns around the end of your finger.  When you withdraw your finger, the "hole" it leaves is the place where you push the second loop through.

tie.jpg (51985 bytes)

This information is from one of the best books I've ever found - go buy it!

The Klutz Book of Knots by John Cassidy.

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