Welcome to the Garden of Eaten!

Here you will peer into the worlds of...
Carnivorous Jungle Daisy!   and  Rare Bermuda Fern!
Carnivorous Jungle Daisy   Rare Bermuda Fern

Learn how they think...
To a Humanoid:   To a Jungle Daisy:
Bermuda Fern reading a book:

FernReads.jpg (23275 bytes)

Planning and plotting against its next Daisy victim!
Keeping our Earth clean:

FernSweeps.jpg (10184 bytes)

Sweeping the ashes of a Jungle Daisy that the Fern lit on fire.
Planting seeds to keep its wonderful species flourishing.

FernPlantsSeeds.jpg (16965 bytes)

Planting Ferns to plot war and destroy the Daisies...

 DaisyCry.jpg (12714 bytes)

See how they behave...
They dress up...

princess.gif (10985 bytes)

They sing... They dance...
They attack...
  1. Bombs Away
  2. Fired Up
  3. Stalking
  4. Desert Fortune
  5. More to come...  constrct.gif (557 bytes)
They... Well, you'll see - Just check back weekly - or more frequently!

All our strips are for your pleasure - Enjoy!

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Original concept and artwork by and Shannon Corbeit.
All material Copyright 1999.  All rights reserved.
Revised: January 11, 2004