Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
previously known as HotKeys

Somehow, many people don't know these
So, learn them and increase your productivity dramatically!

Windows Explorer: These keys work Anytime
The [Windows Button] is the key with WindowsButton.bmp (1134 bytes) on it.
[Windows Button] + [E] Open the Windows Explorer
[Windows Button] + [F] Find
[Windows Button] + [M] Minimize all windows
[Windows Button] + [Shift] + [M] Restore all windows
[Windows Button] + [Break] System Properties
[Windows Button] + [R] Run
[Windows Button] Start (on TaskBar)
[Ctrl] + [ESC] Start (on TaskBar)
[Alt] + [Tab] Switches tasks
[Alt] + [F4] Closes Application
[Ctrl] + [F4] Closes current window
[Alt] + [SpaceBar] System Menu (Current Application) Bar
[Alt] + [Enter] Properties of items (Folder, File, Disk, etc.)
Windows Programs These keys work in Most applications
[F1] Help
[F2] Rename
[F3] Find
[F5] Refresh
[F6] Switches Panes in window
[Ctrl] + [F6] Switches windows in application
[F10] Menu
[Shift] + [F10] Context Menu
[Tab] Move to Next field
[Shift] + [Tab] Move to Previous field
[Alt] + [PrintScreen] Capture active window to Clipboard
[Shift] + [PrintScreen] Capture active screen to Clipboard
[Ctrl] + [Arrow] Word Left/Right or Paragraph Up/Down
[Alt] + [Underlined character] Menu Bar Item
[Ctrl] + [Home] Go to Beginning of Document
[Ctrl] + [End] Go to [End] of Document
[Ctrl] + [Backspace] Delete a word (to the left)
[Ctrl] + [Delete] Delete a word (to the right)
[Ctrl] + [Page Down] Switch to Next document tab
[Ctrl] + [Page Up] Switch to Previous document tab
Time Savers And some of the best time savers (to get away from the mouse)
Dotted Line around field Press [SpaceBar] to activate
Heavy Border around field Press [Enter] to activate
Internet Explorer
Viewing & Exploring web pages
[F11] Toggle Full Screen / Regular view
[Alt] + [Home] Go to your Home page
[Alt] + [Left Arrow]  or  [BackSpace] Go to the Previous page
[Alt] + [Right Arrow] Go to the Next page
[Shift] + [F10] Display shortcut menu for a link
[Ctrl] + [Tab]  or  [F6] Move Forward between frames
[Shift] + [Ctrl] + [Tab] Move Back between frames
[Up Arrow] Scroll toward Beginning of document
[Down Arrow] Scroll toward End of document
[Page Up] Scroll toward Beginning of document in larger increments
[Page Down] Scroll toward the End of document in larger increments
[Home] Move to Beginning of document
[End] Move to End of document
[Ctrl] + [F] Find on this page
[F5]  or  [Ctrl] + [R] Refresh page if time stamp for Web version is different
[Ctrl] + [F5] Refresh page anyway
[Esc] Stop downloading
[Ctrl] + [O]  or  [Ctrl] + L Go to new location
[Ctrl] + [N] Open new window
[Ctrl] + [W] Close current window
[Ctrl] + [S] Save current page
[Ctrl] + [P] Print current page or active frame
[Enter] Activate selected link
[Ctrl] + [E] Open Search in Explorer bar
[Ctrl] + [I] Open Favorites in Explorer bar
[Ctrl] + [H] Open History in Explorer bar
[Ctrl] + [Mouse Click] In History or Favorites bars, open multiple folders
[Shift] + [Mouse Click] Open link in New Window


Using the Address Bar

[Alt] + [D] Select text in Address bar
[F4] Display Address bar history
[Ctrl] + [Left Arrow] Move cursor Left to the next logical break (. or /)
[Ctrl] + [Right Arrow] Move cursor Right to the next logical break (. or /)
[Ctrl] + [Enter] Prefix text with "www." and end with ".com"
[Up Arrow] Move Forward through AutoComplete matches
[Down Arrow] Move Back through AutoComplete matches
Working with Favorites
[Ctrl] + [D] Add current page to favorites
[Ctrl] + [B] Open Organize Favorites dialog box
[Alt] + [Up Arrow] Move selected item Up the list
[Alt] + [Down Arrow] Move selected item Down the list