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Not available at Heartland America!

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High Tech Illumination - High Tech Reliability

SuperLite's ultra-bright LEDs (light emitting diodes) are rated at over 100,000 hours! SuperLite's LEDs have no filaments to burn out and no glass to break. LEDs provide more even illumination with none of the hot spots you get with bulb flashlights.  SuperLite's compact, rugged case and solid state circuitry assure you that SuperLite will be the most reliable light you'll ever own!

More Light - Less Bite

SuperLite's ultra-bright LEDs provide the ultimate in energy efficiency - from 12 to 300+ hours (from highest to lowest intensity settings) of consistent illumination from just one 9 volt alkaline transistor battery!   Two LEDs of each color give you twice the light of other LED flashlights.

Smooth Color and Brightness Controls

With the slide of a switch select the color you need instantly.  And dial the exact intensity you like with your thumb - from a soft glow to crystal clarity.

Energy Regulated Performance

SuperLite's electronic brightness regulation circuitry assures maximum performance regardless of battery aging - a feature you won't find in any other flashlight.  It won't dim as the batteries weaken!

The Red, White and Blue
(Green and Infra-Red too)

Pure Red Light, Naturally: Protect your night vision with spectrally pure red LED light - not with incandescent bulbs and energy wasting red filters.

Full Spectrum White: Turn on the brightest white LEDs on the market. They deliver full-spectrum illumination and are ideal for reading color coded information on charts, maps, gauges, etc.

Blue & Green Together: Air Force style Blue-Green protects night-vision goggles.  Filtered lamps tend to leak red and infra-red, overloading sensitive night-vision equipment.

Bright Infra-Red: Use these for night-vision goggles!  Light up amazing distances with no naked-eye visible light leakage.


Your SuperLite comes with high Quality Control and Engineering and

  • 20 inch neck strap
  • 9 volt battery
  • 5 year warranty
MSI PO Box 111 Moorpark CA 93021
Select Use LED Colors
SuperLite - GP General Purpose 2 White
SuperLite - Astro Astronomers 2 Red
SuperLite - Aviator Pilots Switch Selectable: 2 White & 2 Red
SuperLite - Stealth Night Vision Scopes Switch Selectable: 2 White & 2 Infra-Red
SuperLite - Mil Military Aviator Switch Selectable: 2 White & Blue/Green
SuperLite - Infra Military Night-Vision goggles Switch Selectable: 2 Infra-Red & Blue/Green

MIL-1472D General Requirements: Display illumination and light distribution. Display illumination. Normal. When maximum dark adaptation is not required, low brightness white light (preferably integral and adjustable as appropriate) shall be used; however, when complete dark adaptation is required, low luminance [0.07 - 0.35 cd/m2 (0.02 - 0.01 fL)] red light (greater than 620 nm) shall be provided.
Conditions of Use Lighting Technique (*) Brightness of Markings
cd/m2 (Ft-L)
Indicator reading, dark
adaptation necessary
Red flood, indirect or both,
with operator choice.
0.07 - 0.35 (0.02 - 0.1) Continuous
throughout range
Panel monitoring, dark
adaptation necessary
Red edge lighting, red or white flood or both,
with operator choice.
0.07 - 3.5 (0.02 - 1.0) Continuous
throughout range
Chart reading, dark
adaptation necessary
Red or white flood with operator choice. 0.35 - 3.5 (0.1) - 1.0) Continuous
throughout range
(*) Where detection of ground vehicles or other protected assets by image intensifier night vision devices must be minimized, blue-green light (incandescent filament through a filter which passes only wavelengths shorter than 600 mm) should be used in lieu of red light.

Additional Details:
Case: Compact, rugged ABS plastic.
Dimensions: 4.5" x 1.3" x 1.0"
Controls: Brightness: Thumb-Wheel.  Color selection: Slide switch (2 color models only).
Electronics: Exclusive brightness regulation circuitry - prevents fadeout as batteries age!
Battery: 9-volt Alkaline - included!
Battery Life: From 12+ hours (brightest setting) to 320 hours (lowest setting).
LEDs: DUAL Ultra-bright - the best and the brightest, never break.
LED Life: 100,000+ hours.
Other Features: 9-volt battery & 20 inch neck strap included!

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Select Use LED Colors


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SuperLite - GP General Purpose 2 White   24.50  
SuperLite - Astro Astronomers 2 Red   24.50  
SuperLite - Aviator Astronomers, Pilots,
Night Vision Scopes
Switch Selectable,
2 White & 2 Red
SuperLite - Stealth Night Vision Scopes Switch Selectable,
2 White & 2 Infra-Red
SuperLite - Mil Military,
Switch Selectable,
2 White & Blue/Green
SuperLite - Infra Military,
Night Vision Goggles
Switch Selectable,
2 Infra-Red & Blue/Green
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