FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency
CERT: Community Emergency Response Team
DART: Disaster Assistance Response Team
Course #G317
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Under the guiding eyes of Allen M. Walter, we are taught
Head to Toe Assessment for rapid triage of victims.

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Elizabeth practices correct procedures for bandaging a wound.

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We learn to use a blanket to move a victim.

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Allen demonstrates utility turnoff procedures
on displays he crafted.

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StorageBin.jpg (67676 bytes) Allen shows us emergency equipment at the ready in our storage bin.
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The class members are each awarded a Certificate of Achievement
from FEMA for successfully completing the course
October 23, 1999

First Rule:
Make sure you're ok.

Other First Rule:
Don't become a victim!

And Thank You, Allen, for your patience and
sharing your Wealth of Knowledge

  • Disaster Threat Awareness
  • Disaster Medical Operations
  • Damage Assessment
  • Fire Suppression
  • Light Search & Rescue
  • Disaster Psychology
  • City Emergency Operations

Safety Tip #1
Tie your shoes better!

Safety Tip #2
Suppply Updates

Safety Flashlight!
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For more information on this great class or
assistance in protecting your own family
contact the City of Moorpark    805-529-6864

DART / CERT Manager: email: Don Reynolds

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